175 Foot, 1 Inch, Plenum Rated Innerduct

Item #: ENDFO100P-175
Reg. Price: $817.48
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For the job you have, count on Endot's Plenum Rated Innerduct for cable management and protection. Our raceways feature:

* Super Flexible - will not kink in normal usage
* Equipped internally  with a 900 Pound rated UL Listed pull line.
* Endot's Plenum Rated Innerduct is UL Listed and certified for use in Air Plenum spaces
* Sequential footmarks.

NOTE: When installing Plenum rated innerduct in a plenum space, you need to also use plenum rated cable inside of the duct to meet fire code regulations. Please check with your local electrical, building and fire code officials before doing any installation.

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Terms: This is a custom length item and is Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable.

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