Coaxial RG6 Quad Shield UL 1000 Ft Reel by ABA Elite

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Item #: RG6/U-QUAD
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Coax cable and Shielded wire are designed for use in Audio and Video equipment, data processing equipment and information systems, which require very precise signal characteristics. All the cables are carefully tested to ensure uniform electrical performance. In addition to the highest standard of quality of the cable itself, the "Reelex" packaging makes it superior for added convenience and consistency. The "Reelex" packaging has all of the advantages of both reels and boxes without any of the disadvantages of either.

The advantages of "Reelex":
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"RG-6" are coaxial cables with an 18 AWG center conductor and 75 ohm characteristic impedance. Reelex Box - 1000 feet.

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Note PVC Cables: PVC jacketed cables are used in non-plenum spaces which account for most residential and some commercial spaces (where not mandated by local building codes). See the info page Plenum Vs. Riser for more details.

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90 or more 1000' boxes or reels @ 7% Off

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