EZ Mount Network Shelf

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    • Allows networks with up to 48 drops to be completed in a neat manner, even if the electronics and patch panel are visible to the room installed in. Easy access to the rear of the patch panel. Simply release the hinge pin and rotate the patch panel.

    • The EZ Mount Swivel Bracket allows for moves, adds and changes by providing access to the back side with a simple "turn over" action.

    • The patch panel is allowed to lock into front/rear position. Rear wire management is also provided to allow for the swivel action without disturbing the station cables. Allows a technician to punch down a jack field without having to support the patch panel with the other hand.

    • Patch Cables route neatly behind the shelf, from the hub to the patch panel. A 3ft. to 4ft patch cable(s) is recommended for most applications.

    • Perfect for Classrooms, small offices, zone cabling, or any situation where the components are visible.

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