FlashLight PAL™ & QuickTreX® Merchandise

QuickTreX® FlashLight PAL™ Swivel Holster + QuickTreX® PRO-100 LED Flashlight
This Set includes QuickTreX® Professional PRO-100 LED Flashlight and QuickTreX® FlashLight PAL™ Swivel Holster.
FlashLight PAL™ is your ultimate FlashLight Companion. It gives you light HANDS-FREE!
* Attach it to your collar
* Attach it to your hat
* Use it with a longnose pliers to fashion a tripod
* Wear it comfortably and securely all day on your pants pocket
QuickTreX® Premium Adjustable Hat (One Size Fits All)
Adjustable, one size fits all hat with embroidered QuickTreX™ Logo. This is a top quality Premium hat.