Celebrates Eleven Years of Ecommerce Excellence

November 3, 2007

Clark, NJ (PRWEB) November 3, 2007 -- ( Ecommerce Superstore proudly announces a milestone marking 11 Years of Ecommerce Excellence. was the very first ecommerce site on the internet to sell Cabling, Connectivity and Network components and continues to be an industry leader to this day.

It was the brainchild of Atcom President Tony Casazza back in 1997 to sell network cabling components on the internet. Prior to and during this time Mr. Casazza had been in the business of Structured Cabling design and installation, which industry was also brand new then and in its infancy. In the 90's, installation of Fiber Optic and Category 5 Cabling was considered by most to be a science. Casazza saw the fallacies in this mind-set and thought to create a way for non-professionals to install their own network cabling, and therefore developed a website that would make this possible. With that Atcom Services Inc. registered the URL (which later became on November 3, 1997 and opened the internet's very first ecommerce store to sell Cabling, Connectivity and Network components immediately afterward. By contrast, most websites at the time were strictly informational one or two page sites and not at all ecommerce capable.

Within two years the website was generating enough revenue to allow Mr. Casazza to sell off the cabling, installation, and design portion of the business so that he could focus directly on sales through the internet site. Soon afterward, the Industry experienced downturns which claimed the life of many telecom related businesses both large and small. But persevered through the slump and managed to weather the storm. According to Casazza, "A good part of the reason why we lasted through both the dot-com bust and the fall of the telecom industry was because we resisted the temptation to over expand when the dot-com frenzy was in full swing. It was during the lean times of the industry when we focused on new product development and overall efficiency which in turn lead to better customer service and a large selection of unique offerings that has remained unparalleled until this day."

A more recent shift in the Structured Cabling business has left some in the field wary for success. Wireless technologies are starting to dominate the marketplace, and although some feel that this is a looming threat to the Structured Cabling field, Casazza disagrees, and once again sees a beneficial opportunity. "Some Industry naysayers had been predicting the end of Structured Cabling due to the introduction of wireless technologies. In fact, these days we are actually seeing more opportunity for Structured Cabling due to the need for infrastructure for new technologies including wireless. A Campus Wi-Fi System must be inter-connected by a network of Fiber Optic Cabling to assure full speed and bandwidth for all hot-spots. Other technologies increasing the need for Structured Cabling include Gigabit and Ten Gigabit Ethernet (the need for speed), Colocation, Video over Twisted Pair, Network Security Systems, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) just to name a few."

Since its inception has served customers in over 150 countries; the gamut of "Who's-Who" in business and Government. For the most part, it was Tony Casazza's vision and strategy that kept the company afloat during the lean times and to also thrive in the prosperous times. "Our success today reflects our good choices through the past eleven years, and continues to defy the traditional "brick and mortar" business models while we continue to write chapters in the book of ecommerce history. Because of our vision and perseverance we are now in a very prestigious company of websites that have been in operation for 11 years or more such as, Google, and EBay," said Casazza.

It is's mission to maintain and uphold their high level of service and to continue to offer their customers a unique combination of quality products.


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