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If you are looking for a quality professional inductive speaker probe that will last then look no further. AINES speaker probes are the top choice of RBOC's (telephone companies) around the nation. These units were engineered for rugged field use in all types of weather and conditions. When used in conjunction with AINES tone generators it will be possible to trace and identify wires that are buried inside walls and underground (depth of bury may impact performance).
  • Heavy Duty streamline design
  • High Quality audio. Speaker volume and circuitry are optimized for greatest tracing volume verses noise interference.
  • The model 250SSP gives you the option to trace signals with the use of a butt-set (in lieu of the built in audible speaker) by clipping onto the end terminals. The unit is automatically powered on when the butt-set is attached. This feature may prove useful in when working in environments where noise may be objectionable.
  • Uses standard 9V DC battery. Separate easy open battery compartment.
  • Supplied with both a cone-shaped tip and a duckbill tip that is longer and flatter, permitting insertion into larger cables, or cables under tension where slack cannot be obtained.
  • Convenient carrying lanyard.
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