Brady Labelers, Labels, & Accessories has labeling solutions for all your labeling needs; Whether it's for cables, equipment, or lab work. Our line of Brady products range from hand-held labelers to desktop label makers that print an immense variety of label sizes and types. Some of the types of labels we offer are Self-Laminating, Clear Polyester, and PermaSleeve labels. All are available for Datacom, Electical, and Industial applications.

The BMP®51 label maker is a portable printing solution loaded with features for on-the-spot labeling. It includes: a large display screen, easy-to-use label design apps, fast print speed, Bluetooth technology, a versatile material selection and much more. Learn more about the BMP51 printer or shop for compatible accessories and label cartridges.

Brady BMP51 Portable Label Printer
Brady BMP51 Printer & Accessories Brady BMP51 Labels

The BMP®41 portable Label Printer is a mid-range handheld labeling solution that can print up to 300 labels per day. Not only that, but it can print die-cut or continuous labels up to 1" wide. This printer is a rugged device that withstands harsh conditions. Whether it is sweltering or frigid, it will get the job done where you need it. Also, it is built with additional protection to survive falls of up to six feet high. With an ergonomic design, long rechargeable battery life and easy-to-use features, this printer is engineered for the worker on-the-go.

The BMP21 Portable Label Printer is an all-in-one labeler for voice/data comm, electrical and general industrial crews, with label materials designed specifically for harsh environments.

Brady BMP21 Portable Label Printer
Brady BMP21 Printer & Accessories

Printer Discontinued. Only labels are available.

The IDXPERT is the first thermal transfer handheld cartridge based labeling system that can print die-cut labels, self-laminating labels, and sleeves as well as continuous tapes.

Brady IDXPERT Labels

Ideal for printing wire and cable markers, patch panels, circuit board, and asset ID labels. It has thermal transfer printing, bar codes label storage, and PC connectivity. Designed for medium volume: 100 - 500 labels per day.

Brady TLS2200 System Overview
Brady TLS2200 Printer & Accessories
Brady TLS2200 Labels

Offers a rugged, small and lightweight desktop/portable thermal labeling solution. Provides thermal transfer printing, bar coding, and multiple material configurations. Designed for medium volume: 100 - 500 labels per day.

Brady TLS PC Link System Overview
Brady TLS PC Link Printer & Accessories
Brady TLS PC Link Labels

BRADY Sleeve Heat Gun, Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons, Thermal Transfer Printable Labels and more..