CL2 HDMI Cables with Equalizer

If you are planning a long HMDI run, sometimes the device powering the signal is not strong enough to supply the monitor with a clear signal and a CL2 cable with a built-in equalizer will help boost the signal. An HDMI® equalizer or extender is built into the TV end of the cable to amplify the HDMI® signal. No external power source is needed to for this boost as it is using a 5 volt signal on pin 18 of the HDMI® connection. The larger head with the booster connects at the end to the HDTV.

This type of cable is recommended for standard HDMI® runs longer than 50 feet and for Category 2 runs longer than 30 feet. It is downwards compatible so it will work with resolutions of 480p, 480i, 720p and full 1080p resolution.The CL2 Rating assures that it is a flame retardant and low smoke cable which is safer for people if exposed to heat or smoke, and is designed to burn more slowly.