Fiber OWL 4 BOLT VFL optical power meter

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The Fiber OWL 4 BOLT is a high accuracy, high resolution, microprocessor controlled optical power meter. It has a 75dB dynamic range making it ideal for both singlemode and multimode fiber testing. Its integrated light source makes performing optical length measurements easy. The light source connector port is ST only.

It has an attractive handheld case made from high impact plastic, a large, backlit, graphic, liquid crystal display, and 18-key keypad for easy data entry. The fixed universal fiber adapter accepts ST, SC, and FC connectors equally well without the need for extra adapter caps. It will operate for up to 100 hours on a standard 9-volt battery and has built-in auto shutdown. The Fiber OWL 4 BOLT includes a built-in loss wizard that helps you easily calculate the allowable loss for the fiber runs that you will be measuring. The meter stores physical fiber information for up to eight links. Link information includes: link name, date, fiber type, fiber length, connectors, splices, temperature, and calculated or user - defined reference power values. In addition the meter will store up to 1000 measured data points with labels. Each value includes the fiber type and link.

The stored information can be selectively viewed, edited (measured again), printed, or deleted. The meter will print formatted reports of selected stored data directly using the built-in USB port, or all of the stored data can be downloaded to a computer spreadsheet or our free OWL Reporter software to produce formatted certification reports.


  • InGaAs photodetector with universal 2.5mm adapter port (for ST, SC, FC, and others) and a 1.25mm adapter port (for LC, MU, and other SFF connectors)
  • Integrated light source for optical measurement of fiber links (1310nm; ST connector only)
  • Multimode and singlemode ready
  • High-Power version available
  • Large backlit 3 x 1.75" graphic LCD display shows measurement units of dBm, dB, milliwatts, and microwatts
  • Long battery life - up to 100 hours on one 9-volt battery
  • Data storage for up to 1000 data points including run labels, fiber type, and link information including link name, date, reference power values, fiber length, and number of splices and interconnects
  • Built-in loss wizard for calculation of maximum allowable loss values
  • USB interface for continuous data logging, report printing, or data downloading
  • FREE OWL Reporter software for printing formatted fiber certification reports
  • Absolute or relative mode shows instant pass/fail results
  • Selectively view, delete or resample data points
Key Specifications
  • Measurement range: +5 to -70 dBm (FO-4B) +25 to -50 dBm (FO-4BC)
  • Absolute accuracy: 0.15dB 
  • NIST traceable calibrated wavelengths: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm,1550nm 
  • Additional Wavelengths: 980nm, 1490nm, 1625nm 
  • Resolution: 0.01dB 
  • Precision: 0.10dB 
  • Dimensions: 6.48 x 3.48 x 1.1 in
  • Visual Range up to 5 km (3.1 mi.)
  • Optical Output 1mW 
  • Output Modes CW / pulsed 
  • Dimensions 4.94 x 2.75 x 1.28 in. 
  • Weight 6 oz.

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