OWL Fiber Optic Test Kits

The below chart is a helpful tool in selecting the right Fiber Optic Test Kit for your needs:


To determine which test kit best fits your application, use the following questionnaire as a guide:

The light source(s) included in every fiber optic test kit determines which type of fiber can be tested. Bear in mind that multimode light sources can not be used for testing. Singlemode fibers, and that Singlemode laser sources can not be used to test Multimode fibers.
                     Do you need to test Multimode, Singlemode, or both Multimode and Singlemode fibers?

                                   Choose one of the options below: 




nstallers and contractors are typically required to provide official documentation to their customers, proving that the optical fibers were installed according to industry standards and/or customer requirements. For end-users, on the other hand, printing test reports may not be necessary.

        Do you need to print certification reports?

NO - do not need to print test results     -  ZOOM2 Test Kits

YES -  need to print test results             -  Continue to next question


Some OWL test kits are capable of immediately displaying industry - standard “PASS/FAIL” test results right in the field, thereby speeding up the testing process. Other lower-cost OWL test kits can produce certification test results after the stored readings are downloaded to a PC or laptop.

          Do you need the test kit to show you “PASS/FAIL” right in the field, or would you rather use a laptop or PC to determine test results?

NO -   do not need to see PASS/FAIL in the field   -  WaveTester Test Kits

YES - need to see PASS/FAIL in the field            -  Continue to next question


Many popular fiber optic cabling standards require end-to-end length of optical fiberlinks, for the purpose of determining standards-based optical loss budgets. If the fiber length is unknown, it will need to be measured by the test equipment.

         Do you need to measure the end-to-end length of the fiber links you are testing?

NO - do not need to measure the cable length      -  Installer Series Test Kits – or Micro OWL 2 Test Kits

YES - need to measure the cable length              -  Fiber OWL4 BOLT Test Kits