HDMI 1 In 2 Out Splitter w/IR Extension and 3D Capability

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If you have one device that you want shown on numerous TV’s than an HDMI ® Splitter would be the way to go. This one in – two way out HDMI® Splitter takes the signal from one device such as a cable box, and splits it to show on up to two TV’s. If you are looking to connect multiple HDMI® devices such as a cable box, Blu-ray player, and gaming console than an HDMI® Matrix would work best for that situation.

This splitter can achieve a maximum distance of up to 60 feet from the splitter to the TV’s before creating quality loss, but at longer distances using a RedMere HDMI® cable would create the strongest connection.

This box also comes with an Infra-Red Extension function. This allows you to extend your remote control IR signal through HDMI® cable. You can send the cable box signal in the living room for instance to your TV upstairs which is connected to the splitter, and you can change the channel upstairs with the IR remote.

The IR functionality requires the IR transmitter, IR receiver, and IR Adapter which are included with this product.

Note: When using a splitter resolution can be an issue if the TV’s connected have different resolution capabilities. If one TV supports 720p and the other supports 1080p, than when both TV’s are powered on through the splitter the 720p resolution will be defaulted to. When the lower resolution TV is turned off however, the splitter will default back to the 1080p resolution.

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