HDMI Male to Male Cables

HDMI Male/Male Cables

All of our HDMI Male to Male cables are high speed with Ethernet, which allow you to share an internet connection between devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable. The Netted Jacket cables provide an extra layer of protection to prevent the cable from being damaged, and our thin HDMI cables are 50% thinner than a standard cable; perfect for running along the carpet or wall virtually unseen.
If you need to run the cable inside the wall, a CL2 cable is the way to go because they are flame retardant and are designed to burn more slowly. If you need a longer run inside the wall, go with a CL2 cable with a built in equalizer. This equalizer or extender is built into the TV end of the cable to amplify the HDMI® signal. Lastly, our RedMere cables provide great picture quality over longer distances with a thinner and lighter cable.

Types of HDMI Cables 

® cable features an internal wiring architecture that makes the solution applicable for a variety of purposes. 
With that in mind, let's take a look at the various HDMI cable types that are available: 
Standard HDMI cable

The standard HDMI cable is exactly what you'd expect. It carries high-definition video and audio from a source device to the monitor, TV screen, projector or similar display solution. 
Standard HDMI cable with Ethernet

The name says it all here. The standard HDMI cable with Internet does everything that a standard HDMI solution - carrying HD video and audio between devices - while also serving as an Ethernet connection between those two devices. It is important to note that the devices at both sides of the connection need to be equipped with HDMI Ethernet Channel ports to make the solution work.
Standard automotive HDMI cable

This HDMI cable is designed to meet the unique signal requirements in automotive vehicles. These wires do not feature Ethernet functionality, but do handle audio and video transmission.
High speed HDMI cable

This is the cable to use when you want to support 4K resolutions, 3D movies or similar advanced features. The high speed HDMI cable is built to support these advanced technologies as well as deep color functionality.
High speed HDMI cable with Ethernet

Like before, the name tells you what you need to know. High speed HDMI cables with Ethernet provide everything you want from a high speed HDMI cable, but also give you the dedicated data channel.
The HDMI standard has been built with common-sense nomenclature, making it much easier to know what you are getting into when you invest in a cabling solution. At the same time, the diverse solutions on display within the HDMI framework are making the technology a cable of choice for a wide range of technology deployments.

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