QuickTreX® Artisans Series
"Helios Basic" Electro-Tech Toolkit
Part # QT-TK-AHBV3

The kit contains the following: 

  • PRO-basic LAN Cable Tester
  • QuickTreX® Professional "Wire Surgeon®" Impact Termination Tool
  • QuickTreX® Professional "Wire Surgeon®" RJ-45 Crimping Tool
  • QuickTreX® Wire Surgeon® Wire and Kevlar Scissors
  • QuickTreX® E-Z UTP Cable Stripper
  • QuickTreX® Electrical Wire Stripper
  • Duracell® Procell® Professional Flashlight
  • QuickTreX® 27-pc. Pro Screwdriver Set
  • QuickTreX® 58-pc. Ratchet Driver and Bit Set
  • QuickTreX® 9" Linesman Pliers
  • QuickTreX® 8" Long Nose Pliers
  • QuickTreX® 7" Diagonal Pliers
  • QuickTreX® 20-oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer
  • QuickTreX® Precision Diagonal Cut Pliers
  • QuickTreX® 4" Scratch Awl
  • QuickTreX® Telescoping Inspection Mirror
  • QuickTreX® 6" Wallboard Saw
  • QuickTreX® Folding Utility Knife
  • QuickTreX® 25' Steel Tape Measure
  • 3M™ Lexa™ Fighter Protective Eyewear Clear AF Lens
  • 9 Pocket Handy Pouch
  • 2 Plastic Parts Jars
  • Latex Dipped Work Gloves
  • The Artisan Series Case Included

PRO-basic LAN Cable Tester

This PRO-basic LAN Cable tester uses an LED display to show the condition of patch cables and installed cabling. It tests for faults such as open wires, shorts, reversed pairs, crossed pairs, split pairs and mis-wiring in seconds. With a push of the button, the cable tester will automatically scan all wires and pairs to determine any existent faults. Also tests the Shield connection on shielded (STP) cabling. The network cable tester includes one master and one remote unit. Detachable Remote Unit. 

·         Can test Installed cabling or Individual Patch Cords

·         Tests the Shield connection on shielded (STP) cabling

·         Compact and easy to carry

·         Easy to verify cable continuity, open, short, and misswire

·         Can test RJ45, RJ11 and RJ12



Part # LS25-1YL-1 Included

QuickTreX® Professional "Wire Surgeon®" Impact Termination Tool 

Professional "Wire Surgeon®" Impact Termination Tool
(for "110" and optional "66" terminations)

This is probably the best Impact Termination Tool that you'll ever use! The tool of choice for professionals who demand the very best.
• Special ergonomic design with soft rubber cushioned handle for better grip that significantly reduces hand fatigue. Rounded butt end of tool fits more comfortably in the palm of your hand.
• Advanced impact regulating mechanism requiring less force (than traditional punch tools) Automatic Impact: choose low setting for 24/26 gauge wire or high setting for 22 gauge wire.
• Comes with "110" dual use (cut and non-cut) blade. "66" Blade available as an option. Optional extra blades store inside handle.
• Built in spudger and wire hook tools built into the handle for greater utility.
• Genuine QuickTreX® signature "Wire Surgeon®" product. 

Part # QT-TPX5000 Included

QuickTreX® Professional "Five In One" Modular Crimping Tool 

Professional "Five In One" Modular Crimping Tool For 8P8C/RJ-45, 6P6C/RJ-12, 6P4C/RJ-11, 4P4C, 4P2C/RJ-22 

• Calibrated to a nominal of .237" (for most High Quality RJ connectors), while maintaining a +/- .005 tolerance.
• Meets FCC Spec 68.5
• Ultra precise and durable Zinc Alloy which supports the product for accurate results on each crimp, that is sure to last for years with continual use.
• Crowned Head™ pin arrangement accounts for flexing of the plug during the crimping process and reliably delivers evenly crimped pins.
• Crimps modular plugs in perfect and even parallel action with precise ratcheting mechanism
• Works with QuickTreX, SS, Sentinel, as well as Tyco type plugs. Will accept both types of latch locking stand offs (2 or 3) for a proper crimp of cable jacket, while maintaining the integrity of the conductors "lay".
• Plug locks in place to maintain proper position to elevate movement. This allows the tool to crimp properly over the contacts while not damaging the plastic in the latch area, leaving a good clean crimp / connection.
• Low effort crimp mechanism for less user fatigue
• Accessible release button in the event the tool needs to be open prior to a full crimp. 

Part # QT-TCX650 Included

QuickTreX® Wire Surgeon® Wire and Kevlar Scissors 

Electricians' Wire and Kevlar cutting scissors from QuickTreX® so precise that we named them "Wire Surgeon®" 

Crafted in Germany of durable ice-tempered Solingen stainless steel that holds up under extreme use. This wire and Kevlar shear is precision designed for clean cutting and specially ground for use with wire, Kevlar, braiding, etc. Slight serrations on the blade prevent wire slippage and make dependable precise cuts possible. The ergonomically designed soft rubber handle provides fatigueless use suitable for right or left-handed people. 

Whether you are a professional or amateur, you will agree that these are the best wire and Kevlar cutting scissors that you have ever used! 

Part # QT-X9XL Included

QuickTreX® E-Z UTP Cable Stripper 

The EZ UTP Cable stripper is the best tool that you'll ever use for stripping all UTP (cat 5E, cat6, etc) and STP (Cat5 Shielded) cables. The stripper is fast and precise, and never nicks the wire. This tool is a great time saver for both novices and professionals. 

Part # QT-5112 Included

QuickTreX® Electrical Wire Stripper 

  • Cuts and strips wire sizes 10-24 AWG
  • Set screw locks wire stripper capacity
  • Self-opening spring-loaded hinge

Part # QT-T2736 Included

Duracell®  PROCELL®

Professional Flashlight Features:

  • Durable rubber construction
  • Shock, corrosion, and water resistant
  • Ergonomic design for an easy grip
  • Reliable push button on/off switch
  • Brighter Xenon bulb versus traditional Krypton bulbs
  • Nylon strap with quick release latch

QuickTreX® 27-pc. PRO Screwdriver Set Included 

The 27 Piece Set contains virtually every screwdriver you’ll ever need.

  • Super strong Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Comfort Grip Handles
  • Precision, low slippage black tips
  • Precision Screwdrivers with a free spinning top for easy one-handed use
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Slotted: Small, Medium and Large, 1/8” x 3”, 3/16” x 3”, ¼” x 4”
  • Phillips: Small, Medium and Large, #0 x 3”, #1 x 3”, #2 x 4”
  • Extra Large: Slotted 5/16” x 6”, Phillips #3 x 6”
  • Slotted Precision Screwdrivers… 1/8” x 2”, 3/32” x 2”
  • Phillips Precision Screwdrivers… #1 x 2”, #0 x 2”, #00 x 2”
  • Stubbys: Slotted and Phillips
  • Magnetic ¼” Bit Driver, Assorted Slotted, Phillips and Torx Bits
  • Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

Part # QT-TTS2700 Included

QuickTreX® Deluxe Ratcheting Handle Driver, Bit & Socket Set, 58 Pieces 

Contains the most popular screwdriver bits (Flat, Phillips, Star, Hex and Pozi), SAE and Metric Nut Drivers, a Super Grippy Ratchet Driver Handle, a flexible extension, and incredibly useful bit organizers. Bits are made from Sandblasted chrome vanadium steel. Includes a Chrome plated flex extension for hard to reach areas. 


  • Sandblasted Chrome Vanadium Steel Bits
  • Ratchet Driver with Soft Non-Slip Handle Grip
  • Forward, Fixed, and Reverse Drive Functions
  • Chrome Plated Flex Extension


  • 42-pc. 1" Screwdriver Bits: Flat: 3mm, 4mm (2-pc.), 5mm (3-pc.), 6mm (2-pc.), 7mm Star: SD-10, SD-15 (2-pc.), SD-20 (2-pc.), SD-25, SD-27, SD-30, SD-40 Hex: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm Phillips: #0, #1 (3-pc.), #2 (4-pc.), #3 (2-pc.) Pozi: PZ0, PZ1 (2-pc.), PZ2 (2-pc.), PZ3 (2-pc.)
  • 7-pc. Nut Driver (SAE): 3/16", 1/4", 9/32", 11/32", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16"
  • 7-pc. Nut Drivers (MM): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11mm
  • 1-pc. 8" Flexible Extension
  • 1-pc. Ratchet Driver Handle
  • Complete with 8 Bit Organizers

Part # QT-TTS5800

QuickTreX® 9" Linesman Pliers Included 

• Drop forged chrome nickel steel for durability
• Micro nickel finish for corrosion resistance
• Ergonomic molded anti-slip handles for maximum comfort
• Hardness meets or exceeds ANSI Standards

QuickTreX® 8" Long Nose Pliers Included 

• Drop forged chrome nickel steel for durability
• Micro nickel finish for corrosion resistance
• Ergonomic molded anti-slip handles for maximum comfort
• Hardness meets or exceeds ANSI Standards

QuickTreX® 7" Diagonal Pliers Included 

• Drop forged chrome nickel steel for durability
• Micro nickel finish for corrosion resistance
• Ergonomic molded anti-slip handles for maximum comfort
• Hardness meets or exceeds ANSI Standards Included

QuickTreX® 20-oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Claw Hammer 

• Drop Forged, Heat Treated Steel Head with Polished, Lacquer-Coated Finish
• Full Size Round Striking Face
• Beveled-End Curved Claw
• Jacketed Fiberglass Handle Protects Against Overstrikes
• Cushioned Non-Slip Rubber Handle Grip
• Contractor Grade - Meets or Exceeds ANSI Spec. B173.1 Included

QuickTreX® 8" Adjustable Wrench 

• Drop Forged Heat Treated Carbon Steel
• Chrome Plated Finish Resists Corrosion
• Precision-Machined Jaws for Exact Fit and Smooth Adjustment
• Comfortable Cushioned Non-Slip Handle Grip
• Meets or Exceeds ANSI Specifications Included

QuickTreX® 8" Groove Joint Pliers 

• Drop Forged Heat Treated Steel Construction
• Precision-Milled Non-Slip Tongue and Groove Design Adjusts and Locks Jaw Capacity
• Durable Chrome Plated Finish
• Cushioned Non-Slip Handle Grips
• Meets or Exceeds ANSI Specifications Included

QuickTreX® 10" Groove Joint Pliers 

• Drop Forged Heat Treated Steel Construction
• Precision-Milled Non-Slip Tongue and Groove Design Adjusts and Locks Jaw Capacity
• Durable Chrome Plated Finish
• Cushioned Non-Slip Handle Grips
• Meets or Exceeds ANSI Specifications

QuickTreX® Precision Diagonal Cut Pliers Included 

• Drop Forged Heat Treated Steel Construction
• Spring-Loaded Self-Opening Hinge
• Cushioned Non-Slip Handle Grips
• Sharp, High Frequency Treated Cutting Edges
• Precision-Machined Jaws
• Meets or Exceeds ANSI Specifications

QuickTreX® 4" Scratch Awl Included 

• Hardened and Tempered Carbon Steel Shaft
• Corrosion-Resistant Chrome Plated Finish
• Contoured Natural Hardwood Handle
• Ultra-Fine Point Starts Pilot Holes, Punches Through-Holes, and Scribes Hard Surfaces Included

QuickTreX® Telescoping Inspection Mirror 

• 2'' Diameter Mirror
• Telescopes from 11" to 17"
• Dual Ball Joint Positions Mirror at any Angle
• Non-Slip Cushioned Handle Grip
• Durable Chrome Plated Finish

QuickTreX® 6" Wallboard Saw Included 

• Tempered 6" Steel Blade
• Comfortable Countoured Hardwood Handle
• Aggressive Offset Teeth for Quick, Accurate Cuts
• Sharpened Tip Punches Directly Through Drywall to Start Cut

The QuickTreX PRO Series Super Duty “Quick Knife II” Included 

The QuickTreX PRO Series Super Duty “Quick Knife II”is probably the best professional knife you will ever own. It is made entirely from super 420 Grade fingerprint-proof brushed Stainless Steel which complements its form and enhances its function and was selected for its superior performance characteristics. The knife was designed for prolonged heavy use, is extremely durable and well-made is and is an asset to any professional who owns one. 

The “Quick Knife II” performs dual functions as both an Industrial Grade Utility Knife and a super duty Standard knife with a serrated back section. Unlike most regular utility knives which have a host of problems in their use, this Utility Knife holds and locks the razor blade securely on both the vertical and horizontal planes and has an easy one button blade change mechanism. When the Utility Knife is in use, the standard blade is locked out to prevent injury. The Standard blade can be used to cut a variety of materials and is great for rope cutting as a benefit from its serrated edges.

  • Made entirely from super 420 Grade fingerprint-proof brushed Stainless Steel
  • Performs dual functions as both an Industrial Grade Utility Knife and a Standard knife
  • Easy one button blade change mechanism
  • Built in clip for belt or pocket attachment
  • Thumb Stud for One-Hand Opening
  • Serrated blade is great for cutting ropes

Part # QT-T550X2 Included

QuickTreX® 25' Steel Tape Measure 

  • Attractive Polished Steel and rubber casing.
  • Posi-Grip End Hook prevents slippage.
  • Large, easy-to-read markings for quick and accurate measurement.
  • Positive lock holds blade securely.
  • Convenient belt/pocket clip.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip.

Part # QT-54125 Included

Uvex Bandit Safety Eyewear Model S1600 

Uvex Bandit S1600 Safety Eyewear Contemporary styling, sporty wrap-around temples provide non-slip fit and comfort. Combining top-notch and uncompromising quality single-lens design features molded-in side-shields and brow guards. Clear, polycarbonate lens coated with Ultra-dura Uvextreme® AF, resists scratching and blocks 99.9% UV light. Complies with the requirements of the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices. Included

9 Pocket Handy Pouch

• Attach to belt with clip or belt loop.
• Durable 600D polyester construction.
• 3 Internal pocket sleeves and 6 external pockets.
• Detachable electrical tape sling.

2 Plastic Parts Jars Included 

NOTE: Jars come empty. Contents of the jars are shown for illustration purposes only.

Latex Dipped Work Gloves Included

• Cotton/polyester knit shell
• 100% Latex dipped palm
• Elasticized wrist

Size: Large

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