Indoor Rugged Stainless Steel Armored (Plenum) 50/125 OM3 Multimode Patch Cable - USA CustomLine by QuickTreX®

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Our Indoor Ultra Thin Armored Patch Cables utilize Micro Armor Fiber™.  It's a revolutionary designed fiber optic cable that provides a perfect solution for your fiber optic installs and usage.  Instead of a traditional interlocking armor it utilizes a steel spiraling technology.  This allows for the cable to remain extremely flexible while also being crush and rodent resistant.  Micro Armor Fiber™ features the smallest outer diameter of any armor compared to conventional fiber optic cable in size and flexibility.  Its light weight and great flexibility makes pulling and installs faster and easier.  These assemblies are typically up to 65 percent smaller in diameter and 75 percent lighter than the usual aluminum interlocking armor cable.  These assemblies provide a perfect combination of strong armor and maximum bend radius.  They are available in indoor and outdoor options.  They come available in OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode and we can provide any standard fiber optic connector type such as LC, ST, and SC.

QuickTreX® 50/125 OM3 Multimode fiber optic cable assemblies are certified to run at 10-Gigabit speeds (with 10-Gig equipment). They are made to order in the USA by skilled technicians and are constructed with the highest quality components utilizing High Grade Connectors with ceramic ferrules for increased durability and accuracy. These fiber optic patch cables feature OFNP Plenum Rated jackets (at no extra cost) which make them useful in more environments than regular OFNR cables.

QuickTreX® fiber optic cables are fully tested to guarantee top performance. Our strict testing standards mandate a maximum allowable insertion loss if 0.02 dB (or less). Each connector is visually inspected with a 400x microscope for any surface or interior cracks, scratches, contaminants, or other imperfections which can pick up defects that insertion loss testing alone may miss. Each assembly is serialized for easy identification and test results are included with every cable.  

Typical Lead Time: 2-3 business days 

  • • Certified to run at 10-Gigabit speeds (with 10-Gig equipment).
  • • Each cable is custom made in the USA by Skilled Technicians (no assembly lines).
  • • The cable is made with Genuine Corning® ClearCurve® glass for superior performance.
  • • Insertion loss testing is performed on every assembly. Our strict standards mandate a maximum allowable loss if 0.02 dB (or less).
  • • Each connector is visually inspected with a 400x microscope for any surface or interior cracks, scratches, contaminants or other imperfections.
  • • All cables are serialized and test results are recorded.
  • • Guaranteed performance specifications
  • •  Ultra Flexible, Rodent-Resistant, & Crush-Resistant
  • • OFNP Rated for Plenum or Riser use

Note 1: Connector styles may vary slightly in appearance according to availability.

Note 2: For longer lengths or for pulling we recommend our Custom Pre-Terminated Fiber Assemblies.

* The MCP 24 features consistent and repeatable processes that easily attain the industry level standards for polishing including the specifications for TIA, IEC/Bellcore, & GR326. The patented figure 8 polishing system and other high-tech features make it possible to attain consistent accurate results

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