MPO 24 Fiber (2 X 12 MPO Male) to 24 LC (12 Duplex Adapters) Singlemode Super High Density (SHD) Cassette by QuickTreX®

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Item #: QT-MPO-C-SHD-SM-24X2-12LC
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This QuickTreX MPO 24 Fiber (2 X 12 MPO) to 24 LC (12 Duplex Adapters) Singlemode Super High Density (SHD) Cassette is designed to take your 24 fiber MTP® or MPO Trunk assembly with a female MTP connectors and transition it to 24 LC (12 Duplex) adapters.  On the back side of the cassette you have (2) 12 Fiber Male MPO connectors and on the front side you have 24 separate LC connectors.  From the front of your cassette you then patch out with standard duplex (or simplex) fiber optic patch cables to your equipment such as an SFP module or fiber optic media converter.  

This Super High Density (SHD) product line is designed to accommodate high fiber strand counts.  This product line is perfect for data centers, corporate campuses, or any very high density installation.   We offer 2 Super High Density (SHD) Enclosures.  Our 5 panel (1U) rack mount enclosure can house up to 120 fibers and out 14 panel (2U) can house up to 336 fibers.  We offer blank panels for slots not being used.  

This cassette utilizes a standard polarity A (Straight Through) fiber pin out. 


     • MPO Standard Compliant Multifiber Connectors
     • 12 Duplex Aqua OM4 Adapters 
     • Polarity A (standard)
     • Singlemode Fiber
     • Black Powder Coated Steel Encasement
     • Test Report Included
     • Each Cassette is Serialized  

Dimensions: 3.5"W x 5.5"D x 1.25"H

NOTE:  This cassette requires a female MPO/MTP connector. 
            This cassette is designed to fit our super high density (SHD)
            fiber enclosures. 

            • 5 Panel Enclosure (Click Here)
            • 14 Panel Enclosure (Coming Soon)

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