PX-B603 FLASHDETECTOR™ Leak Detection Set

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The FLASHdetector™ leak detection probe is state of the art in precision fiber optic fault location. Designed to find infrared radiation from splices, connectors, bends, damage, or open ports. While traditional fiber test equipment can identify bad fibers or approximate distance to a fault, pinpointing problems in the real world is often about luck, intuition, or trial and error. The major advantage of the FLASHdetector™ over a visible laser however is that it can “see” cable faults in bright room light as well as in many blue, green, and black coated fibers!Pocket sized.

  • Optical/electronic filtering.
  • Audio/visual leak indication.
  • Meets US NAVY specs. (VER. D603)
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty.

Parameter PX-B603 Probe
Detector Filtered Ge
Sensitivity (mode sensitive) -60 dBm min
Modulation 500 Hz/2kHz
View Angle 20 degree
Operating Temperature -5oC to 45oC
Storage Temperature -10oC to 60oC
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Battery 4-AAA Alkaline
Battery Life 40 hrs


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