Photonix Fiber Optic Test Kits

The two best words to describe fiber optic test equipment from Photonix are Accurate and Rugged. Their equipment has been evaluated by the US Navy and has been specified for Naval use on land and at sea. The reason for that is because Photonix equipment is world class. Their “ruggedized” equipment has been designed to withstand being run over by a truck and has even been known to have survived a twenty-four foot drop onto solid concrete! The engineers at Photonix take accuracy very seriously and have designed their rugged field equipment to be as accurate as a “bench” model. Because they are perfectionists, you can be assured that the specifications on their equipment tend to be underrated. Photonix Equipment is: Rugged, Accurate, High Quality, backed by a solid reputation, and was designed to be world class. 
Photonix TECHLITE Fiber Optic Test Kits
High performance Premium and Proffesional Grade Test Kits for Datacom and LAN applications. WaveTester fiber optic test kits can also include our Dual OWL and Laser OWL line of light sources, which are offered as separate multimode (Dual OWL) and single-mode (Laser OWL) units. These manually operated sources offer an alternative for users who do not require the extra convenience of auto-testing.
Photonix LANLITE Fiber Optic Test Kits
Inexpensive, accurate, and easy to use instrument kit for making power and loss measurements in the fiberoptic LAN environment.