TECHLITE Optical Datalogging Power Meter

Item #: PX-B240
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This TECHLITE optical power meters is intended to allow technicians to perform precise optical measurements in the field. The meter, when operated in absolute power mode, is used to determine the level of optical power being emitted from a transmitter. In relative mode, the meter is used to perform fiber loss measurements or splice tuning operations. The PX-B240 will store up to 999 readings per wavelength for later upload to a PC for later printing and analysis.
  • Quad wavelength with relative mode
  • Very fast dual processor design
  • Large charger graphic display
  • Analog type tuning bar
  • Rugged aluminum packaging
  • Universal adapter head
  • NiCad, Alcaline, or AC operation
  • One hour quick charge feature
  • Data storage of 999 readings/wvl
  • Two years manufacturer's warranty.
Included: TECHLITE power meter, meter adapter cap, AC wall pack, and a waterproof carrying case.

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