LANshack.com has been on the internet for 19 years now and from our very start, we knew that tutorials were important for our customers. As a matter of fact, one of the tutorials we currently have was from our beginning and has been updated from time to time when new information was available. This tutorial is titled “Category 5 / 5E & Cat 6 Cabling Tutorial and FAQ's and remains to be one of our most popular tutorials. Over the years, it has been used by various prestigious colleges and  learning intuitions in their course study material.

Much of the material we write is based over 30 years of our personal field installation experience. We offer this material to you, our valued customer at no cost to you as a thank you.

 Copper Cabling Tutorials and FAQ's  

 Category 5 / 5E & Cat 6 Cabling Tutorial and FAQ's  
 Copper Cabling Supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet with Cat 6A!

 How to Make a Category 5 / Cat 5E Patch Cable
 How to Make a Category 6 Patch Cable
 How to Terminate the Cat 6A Shielded Jack

 Designing Conduit Runs EIA/TIA 569 Vs. NEC
 How to wire a Phone Jack 
 How to Troubleshoot Wired (Cat 5, Cat 6 etc.) Network Connections   
 Installing Cat 6E (and Cat 5E) Shielded Modular Plugs  using the QuickTreX™ System 

 Fiber Optic Tutorials and FAQ's
 Fiber Type vs. Speed and Distance
 Choosing a Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assembly
 Why it is Important to Keep Fiber Optic Connectors clean                                                  
 Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
 Mode Conditioning Cable Selector
 Designing Conduit Runs EIA/TIA 569 Vs. NEC
 Fiber Optic Jargon
 Fiber Optic Cable
 Fiber Optic Tutorial
 Fiber Optic Testing
 Fiber Optic Training
 Fiber Optic Network
 Estimating and Bidding
 Choosing a Fiber Optic Cable Type for Your Installation
 Optical Fiber
 The Basics of Fiber Optic
 Glossary of Fiber Optic Terms

  HDMI Tutorials  
 HDMI Tutorials
 How do HDMI refresh rates and bandwidth capabilities work?                                           
 HDMI backwards compatibility
 How do wire gauges impact HDMI cable performance?
 Types of HDMI Cables
 What are RedMere HDMI cables?
 What are the options for HDMI connectors?
 What is HDMI 1.4?
 What are CL2 and CL3 HDMI cables?