Weatherproof IP68 Connectorized HMFOC OptiTip® Singlemode APC 12 Fiber Corning ALTOS® Outdoor (OSP) Armored Direct Burial MTP Cable Assembly - custom made in USA by QuickTreX®

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Item #: QT-OTI-CA-ADB-12SM
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Our QuickTreX® Weatherproof IP68 Connectorized HMFOC OptiTip® Cable Assemblies are made with the highest quality cable and components. They are designed to fit flawlessly with FlexNAP and OptiSheath® MDU and Fiber Distribution terminals often seen in fiber to the antenna or other waterproof connection installations.  We start with genuine HMFOC OptiTip® connectors and precision terminate them to genuine Corning® ALTOS® Outdoor (OSP) Armored Direct Burial Cable.  Our termination process delivers maximum physical contact for consistently low insertion loss and excellent return loss characteristics across the entire 12 fiber interface.  Our assemblies are always Proudly made in the USA and include a full test report. 

About OptiTip Connectors:

The OptiTip® assembly is designed for use in outside 
plant fiber access networks with FlexNAP and OptiSheath® MDU and Fiber Distribution terminals. This innovative cable assembly solution provides enhanced design flexibility, increased deployment speed and reduced installation cost. The OptiTip® connector is the key enabler for quick connect of up to 12 fibers at a time. The connector is based on the field proven MTP® connector technology encapsulated in a hardened package suitable for use in any environment. A male (pinned) version and a female (non-pinned) version are easily joined to make a watertight terminal or in-line connection. Factory installation and testing ensures reliable, low optical loss on all fibers.


Best Suited for:  In trenches or underground installation where rodent chew damage is a concern, overhead lashed to a guy wire, or secured to a building or other permanent outdoor structure. The drawback of outdoor (OSP) cable is that it is mandated at a maximum of 50 feet run indoors due to fire-code regulations.

Outdoor Armored Direct Burial (OSP-DB) Features:

      Heavy Duty Polyethylene (PE) Jacket
      Corrugated Steel Armor Constructon Provides Crush and Rodent Protection
      Water Blocking Tape 
      Dielectric Central Element 
      Rated for Direct Burial
      Save Time & Money by Eliminated the Need for Conduit
      Made with Genuine Corning® Altos® Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable

Lead time: Varies usually between 2 to 3 days. For emergencies or to request expediting call or email Sales at 888-568-1230 option 1.  

NOTE: Due to the fact that this is a custom made cable assembly, it is non-cancelable and non-returnable. Please choose your product description and specifications carefully.

For pre and post [urchase advice and tech support ask our experts: 
By Phone 888-568-1230 Option 2
By Email: [email protected]

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NOTE: MTP® is a Registered Trademark of US Conec Ltd. Clearcurve® is a Registered Trademark of Corning Corp.