Professional Quality Alligator Clips

All of the Aines Tone Generators and Butt-sets that we sell come with professional quality alligator clips with "bed of nails" and single spike wire piercing, U-shape terminal grippers, over insulated, and heavy duty spring tension. The superior design of these alligator clips helps to reduce field repair and maintenance test time. Superior quality braided cords meet BELLCORE fire retardant requirements. Twisted tinsel conductors offer high flexibility even at low temperatures plus greater wear.

Single Spike: allows for quick penetration of insulated large gauge wires and/or "zipcord" style cables without having to expose the conductor.

"Bed of Nails": Cluster of 41 small spikes penetrates easily through insulated 24 AWG wire to conductor core of telecommunication wire (larger wire can be penetrated depending on its thickness and composition) without having to expose the conductor. Reduces the risk of shocking during testing, and minimizes the potential for line interruption.

Corrugated Gripping Surface: Affords greater holding power and connectivity on both flat and round surfaces.

U-Shape Terminal Grippers: Engineered to grip directly onto "66" block terminals. Works with other similar terminals.

High End Insulation: Over Insulated for safety and minimizing the possibility of the two clips from shorting together during testing.

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