About Order Status

How to request a Tracking Number or Order Status

Send an email to [email protected] On the subject line write "Status or Tracking requested for Order (write in order number)". If you have received part of the order please let us know which items you are still waiting for in the body of the email.

Please note that tracking numbers are usually not available until at least the day following placing of the order

IMPORTANT: The information about the status can be found in the "Shipping Info" field. The following are examples and explanations of things that can be indicated in the "Shipping Info" field:

- Ships June 1: This would indicate that your items are believed to be in stock or otherwise available for shipping on the date shown.

- Ships on or about June 1: "Ships on or about" would normally be written for either custom or out of stock items and based on the availability information available to us at the time of processing the order. The date indicated is usually fairly accurate.

- Need Feedback: This will normally be followed by "check email" or "check voice mail". Reasons why we may need feedback can include:

1) No address match for the credit card
2) Questions about the shipping address
3) For out of stock items, we may offer possible substitutions, etc.

Other Important Points About Shipping and Order Fulfillment

- Many orders ship in multiple shipments as they may come from different warehouse locations. If you received a package and all of the items are not contained therein; Please check the Packing Slip. The Packing Slip will have the fields "Qty. this Shipment" and "Qty. other Shipment". These fields will indicate which items are in that particular shipment and are contained in other shipments.

- It is not unusual for one box to arrive the day after the order, and the remainder of the order to arrive several days later. Reasons can include: 1) One box coming from the East Coast and one from the West Coast, 2) Stock items arriving before Custom made or backordered items, etc.

- If you received an email from UPS or other carrier indicating a tracking number, it is entirely possible that there could be other shipments that you are to receive for the order that have tracking numbers which were not sent to you. The reason for this is because our main location will send tracking numbers but our alternate ship points do not so please be patient.

- Most orders placed before 2 PM (Eastern Standard Time) Mon – Fri, are processed the same day except for custom made items. If your order is urgent, we suggest that you call us at 888-568-1230 before or immediately after placing your order. We may sometimes make exceptions to the 2 PM rule for very urgent orders.

A Note About Shipping Methods

Choosing any expedited shipping method will not guaranty that your order will ship the same day. If you choose Next Day shipping, that means that you will receive the order on the day after it is shipped. Please note that we do not make any profit from shipping charges and offer expedited shipping methods as a convenience to our customers. Choosing "Priority Mail" will usually delay shipping of your order for 24 hours.

Please do not choose Priority Mail unless you are a Military customer with an APO address or are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska or a rural area that is not properly or efficiently served by UPS.

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