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Premium Custom Ethernet Patch Cables Made in the USA

Do you need Ethernet patch cables in which reliability and performance is a must? Don't let your Ethernet patch cables be the weak link in your critical network. At LANshack, we manufacture premium custom Ethernet patch cables. Our patch cables are always custom made to order in the USA with premium components. We offer every cable type including: Cat 5E, Cat 6E, Cat 6A, and Cat 8. We also offer shielded and non-shielded options. Since these cables are custom made to order, we can make them in any length from 6 inches to 250 feet. We can also make them in 9 different colors and can make them booted or non-booted. We offer the following jacket types: standard indoor in riser rated and plenum rated jackets, outdoor direct burial rated patch cables, and tactical deployable. We offer our tactical deployable in several different category types and can put standard RJ45 connectors or Neutrik EtherCON connectors on them for a waterproof and ultra heavy duty solution. Our tactical Ethernet assemblies can be installed on an optional heavy duty deployment reel for fast deployment and retrieval of your Ethernet assembly. All of our custom patch cables are individually fluke tested and certified. They are component certified to 65ft and channel certified over 65ft. Every cable comes labeled with the QuickTreX part number and individual serial number. We also offer a custom label options to help perfect your custom Ethernet cable installation. Our premium custom Ethernet patch cables are always made to order in the USA with ISO certified manufacturing. Visit our website, or connect with us today to find out more.