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Tools & Testers

Technician's Tool KitsTechnician's Tool Kits
Aware of Excellence now offers tool kits complete with everything necessary to do voice & data installations, including cable tester and all hand tools. The tool kits are available with many different styles of tool cases and pouches, etc.

Data & Voice Tools & TestersData & Voice Tools & Testers excels in offering tools, tool kits and testers for UTP cable that are by far the best value in the industry! Take a look at our popular LANTEST-PRO cable tester, tone generator and probe kit, cable stripper..
LED FlashlightsLED Flashlights
Top of the line LED Flashlights along with the latest accessories. Our flashlights include Fenix E Series, LD Series, PD Series, TA Series, and TK Series flashlights. Fenix flashlights are among the highest quality flashlights on the market. Fenix flashlights are made of aircraft grade aluminum and have a Type III Hard anodized finish which makes it durable and hard to scratch. Fenix also uses top quality LED of the world, which has a very long life and optic ultra clear glass lens. Also available for our Fenix Flashlights are Tenergy Batteries and Battery Chargers. Our batteries include Lithium Ion CR123A Disposable Batteries, RCR123A Rechargeable Batteries, Lithium 18650 Rechargeable Batteries, AA Rechargeable Batteries, and AAA Rechargeable Batteries. Our Chargers include RCR123A Charger Kit with 2 Batteries, 18650 Charger, and Universal Smart Battery Charger for AA, AAA, C, D and 9 Volt Batteries.
Hand ToolsHand Tools
Co-ax & CATV Tools & ConnectorsCo-ax & CATV Tools & Connectors
Tools and connectors required to terminate the RG-6 Quad-shield Cables.
Cable InstallationCable Installation
Fish tape, pull rope, insulated staple gun and more...
<b>Collapsible Utility Carts</b>Collapsible Utility Carts
Professional carts for business and industry. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.