6 Strand Custom Outdoor Direct Burial (OSP) Ultra Thin Micro Armor Singlemode Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assembly by QuickTreX

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Item #: QT-MA-OSP-S-6
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QuickTreX® brand, custom "Fiber whips™" Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies have a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. When we receive your custom order, we build the assembly to your specifications using the finest materials to our exacting standards. The assembly is made in the USA by skilled technicians under controlled conditions and comes to you fully tested and ready for immediate installation.

Our Ultra-Thin Armored Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies utilize Micro Armor Fiber™.  It's a revolutionary designed fiber optic cable that provides a perfect solution for your fiber optic installs and usage.  Instead of a traditional interlocking armor it utilizes a steel spiraling technology.  This allows for the cable to remain extremely flexible while also being crush and rodent resistant.  Micro Armor Fiber™ features the smallest outer diameter of any armor compared to conventional fiber optic cable in size and flexibility.  Its light weight and great flexibility makes pulling and installs faster and easier.  These assemblies are typically up to 65 percent smaller in diameter and 75 percent lighter than the usual aluminum interlocking armor cable.  These assemblies provide a perfect combination of strong armor and maximum bend radius.  They are available in indoor and outdoor options.  They come available in OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode and we can provide any standard fiber optic connector type such as LC, ST, and SC.  

All of our Outdoor Micro Armor Fiber™ Assemblies are rated for direct burial applications. This saves time and money on conduit installation while maintaining rodent, crush, and water resistance. This fiber can also be used for outdoor premise, aerial, duct, and conduit applications. One of the main issues with a direct burial installation is rodent interference. With a Pre-Terminated Micro Armor Assembly, you can directly bury your fiber without conduit and not worry about damage due to rodents. The jacket of this cable is made of heavy duty polyethylene which provides superior protection from moisture and UV radiation.  Directly under the jacket is a Kevlar & water block and stainless-steel spiraling armor. The combination of these three layers makes the fibers inside ultra-protected.  This cable can be direct buried, then ran up the side of a building and then stung in an aerial application all in one run.  The diverse application range of this cable makes it a superior choice for OSP installations.  


   • Made to exacting specifications.
   • Factory terminated and tested.
   • Assemblies use all Corning cable and components.
   • Factory terminations and polishing are
     superior to virtually all field terminations
   • Quality made in the USA by Skilled Technicians
   • Fibers are color coded
   • Includes Kevlar & Water Block Tape
   • Optional "Pulling Eyes" (pulling baskets) 
   • Ultra Flexible, Rodent-Resistant, & Crush-Resistant
   • Save time on your installation
   • Rated for Direct Burial

Best Suited for: Outdoor cables are filled with a water blocking jell and are rated for almost all outdoor applications. This cable is suitable for underground installation, overhead lashed to a guy wire, or secured to a building or other permanent outdoor structure. The drawback of the jell-filled cable is that it is mandated at a maximum of 50 feet run indoors due to fire-code regulations.

Applications: Outdoor, Direct Burial, Aerial, Conduits and Ducts

 Lead time: Varies usually between 1 to 3 days. Call or email Sales at 888-568-1230 option 1 for a current estimated time.

NOTE: Due to the fact that this is a custom made cable assembly, it is non-cancelable and non-returnable. Please choose your product description and specifications carefully.


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