Co-ax & CATV Tools & Connectors

In this category you'll find our Ethernet and Coaxial Cable Cutting Tool, Coaxial Cable Jacket Stripping Tool, Hex Crimper, and Compression Connector Tool for F-Type Coax, RCA, and BNC Connectors.  Our Ethernet and Coaxial Cable Cutting tool provides a clean cut of your Ethernet or Coaxial cable prior to installing modular, RG6, and other coaxial connectors.  The Coaxial Cable Jacket Stripping Tool is designed to strip back the cable jacket on coax cable to access the copper conductor.  These cable stripper is designed to only cut the jacket and then step to to the conductor cladding and not cut or damage the conductor itself.  Our Hex Crimper is designed for crimping Coaxial hex plugs or the shielding clamp on shielded modular plugs by loading the hex plug or modular plug into the crimping tray and pressing down on the handles.  The Compression connector crimping tool is designed to provide a precise crimp of coaxial compression connectors by loading the coaxial connector onto the tray and pressing down on the handles.  This crimper also crimps RCA and BNC connectors.

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QuickTreX Ethernet and Coaxial Cable Cutting Tool
TAA compliant   QT-EZ-CUT

A high-performance Coaxial and Ethernet cable cutting tool. Provides a smooth and even cut end which is essential to pre-termination cable preparation.


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