Custom Pre-Terminated Indoor / Outdoor Singlemode APC 12 Fiber (1 x 12) Trunk Assembly - Plenum Rated - made in USA by QuickTreX® with Genuine US Conec® Connectors and Corning® Glass

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QuickTreX® MTP® premium cable assemblies are made with the highest quality cable and components. We start with genuine MTP® connectors from US Conect and precision terminate them to genuine Corning Singlemode fiber. Our MTP® termination process delivers uniform height and positioning for maximum physical contact for consistently low insertion loss and excellent return loss characteristics across the entire 12 fiber interface. Made with plenum rated round mini-distribution cable for flexibility in all directions. Proudly made in the USA. RoHS compliant.

Our indoor/outdoor MTP® assemblies are perfect for pulling through conduits in indoor and outdoor locations.  Since our indoor/outdoor assemblies include a plenum rated jacket there is no need to transition when coming into the building. This helps with loss when coupling your cables together and promotes a smooth cable run.  The jacket is also UV rated so it can be exposed outdoors where there is no threat of rodent damage or blunt force damage.  

A 12 Fiber Cable will have one 12 Fiber MTP® Connector on each end as illustrated below


 QuickTreX Build Specs


MTP Polarity  


Method A
 has a key up key down position, and the fiber remains the same straight through the cable. Therefore each fiber is in the same position on each end of the cable. Fiber 1 in the cassette mates to Fiber 1 in the cable assembly, which mates to Fiber 1 in the end cassette. The transmit/receive flip must happen with the patch cords either at the beginning or end of the link to ensure proper transceiver polarity.



Method B utilizes a key up to key up position and this fiber cable is fully flipped on either end. This type of mating creates an inversion, where Fiber 1 is mated with Fiber 12, and Fiber 2 is mated with Fiber 11, etc. For these cables to preform properly, one of the cassettes would need to be inverted internally. This method requires two different cassettes with special labeling to identify which one is flipped. This circuit is completed with using straight patch cords at the beginning and end of the link.*Note- method B is not compatible with our standard QuickTrex cassettes


Method C
 is very similar to  Method A, with the main difference being the flipping of the patch cords in the link. This method uses key up key down, and the polarity flip takes place within the cable itself. Each adjacent pairs of fiber at one end are flipped at the other end. So Fiber 1 and Fiber 2 becomes Fiber 2 and Fiber 1 at the other end, and so on. This circuit is completed by using straight patch cords at the beginning and end of the link.  

NOTE: Female to female configuration is suitable for cassette to cassette applications.

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NOTE: MTP® is a Registered Trademark of US Conec Ltd. SMF 28e+® is a Registered Trademark of Corning Corp.