Network Switches

We offer Commercial Ethernet Network Switches and Industrial Network Switches in managed and unmanaged.  Managed switches allow you to manage traffic, access security, ACLs, and traffic prioritization.  These switches come with or without SFP ports. We also offer Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches for installations that require power to specialized equipment such as sensors, lighting, and more.  Our Industrial Ethernet Network Switches can withstand a high range of temperature and humidity and are DIN rail mountable.  They are perfect for outdoor enclosures.  Our Network Switches that have SFP ports will have an option to choose a specific SPF module / transceiver to be included.  We have both multimode and Singlemode SFP transceivers in long range and short range. To go along with our Industrial Network Switches we have Industrial SFP modules that can also with strand a wide range of temperatures.  Our SFP modules also include WDM single fiber modules that work with a single strand of Singelmode fiber.  They use a bi-directional signal.  These modules work by transmitting and receiving at two different light wavelengths.  

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