Indoor / Outdoor Singlemode Preterminated Fiber Optic Assemblies

Our QuickTreX Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Rated Singlemode OS2 9/125 Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies are the perfect plug and play solution for connecting the networks of two buildings through the use of an underground conduit. These fiber optic assemblies are suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, so there is no 50 foot fire code requirement traditionally found with Outdoor cable. These Indoor/Outdoor fiber optic cable assemblies have a water blocking aramid yarn strength member surrounding the fiber optic strands to protect from satiations where light water infiltration may exist like in an under ground conduit or also in an Indoor situation where the assembly may be exposed to a damp or wet environment. We offer a plenum rated jacket option which allow you to run your cable assembly from an outdoor location and transition to a plenum indoor location without needing to couple two different assemblies. These assemblies are made in the USA with Corning glass by skilled technicians under controlled conditions and come to you fully tested and ready for immediate installation.  Our Indoor/Outdoor Singlemode Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies are available in 1 through 144 strands with the following connector options: LC UPC, LC APC, SC UPC, SC APC, ST UPC, FC UPC, and FC APC.  We can custom make these fiber optic assemblies in lengths from 10 to 5000 feet and install pulling eyes in one or both ends.  Our Singlemode Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies include Corning SMF-28 Ultra Glass and run at 1310/1550nm wavelengths.  With sinlgemode fiber assemblies you can run a 1Gb network @1550nm up to 10,000 meters and a 10Gb network @1550nm up to 5,000 meters. 

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