IT Networking Tool Kits

If you are a network administrator, low-voltage electrician, or any low-voltage cable installer and are looking for a premium toolkit with premium tools then you must check out our QuickTreX toolkits. Our toolkits consist of the best tools you'll find on the market and include everything you could ever need for your Ethernet and low voltage cable installation. We offer different sizes and designs to fit your cabling needs. Our kits are assembled in the USA with the highest quality control. Our toolkits includes include a variety of the following tools: Professional RJ-45 Modular Crimping Tool, All-In-One Large Outer Diameter RJ45 Modular Crimping Tool (for Crimping Cat 6A, Cat7A, and Cat 8 Modular Plugs), Hex Crimper for RG-6 and Our Shielded Modular Plugs, 4 Pair EZ Termination Crimping Tool, UTP/STP Ethernet Cable Stripper & Cutter for Cat 5, 6, 7, and 8 Cable, EZ UTP STP Cable Stripper, Wire and Kevlar Scissors, Ethernet and Coaxial Cutting Tool. Our Our Network or LAN (Local Area  Network) Testers includes the following: LANTEST Pro Cable Tester with 8 Remotes, PRO Basic LAN Cable Tester, Mobile App Network Tester with 6 Remotes, Network ID Toner and Probe Kits, Tone Generators, and RJ45 Modular Adapters.  We also include a variety of standard hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, long nose pliers, groove joint pliers, diagonal pliers, linesman pliers, adjustable wrenches, torpedo levels, wallboard saws, scratch awls, and more.

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"Kronos" IT-Tech Network Toolkit by QuickTreX®

On Special: $616.20

TAA compliant QT-TK-TKV2

Cat 8 and Large OD Ethernet Cable Installation Toolkit for installing Cat6A, Cat7, and Cat 8 Modular Plugs and Keystone Jacks by QuickTreX


TAA compliant QT-C8LOD-TK-678