HDMI Male/Male Cables


All of our HDMI Male to Male cables are high speed with Ethernet, which allow you to share an internet connection between devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable. The Netted Jacket cables provide an extra layer of protection to prevent the cable from being damaged, and our thin HDMI cables are 50% thinner than a standard cable; perfect for running along the carpet or wall virtually unseen.
If you need to run the cable inside the wall, a CL2 cable is the way to go because they are flame retardant and are designed to burn more slowly. If you need a longer run inside the wall, go with a CL2 cable with a built in equalizer. This equalizer or extender is built into the TV end of the cable to amplify the HDMI® signal. Lastly, our RedMere cables provide great picture quality over longer distances with a thinner and lighter cable.

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