Fiber Optic Test Instruments

In this category you'll find all the necessary fiber optic test equipment needed to test loss, find breaks, inspect fiber optic end faces, and certify fiber optic cabling and networks.  We have a large variety of test kits designed to test multimode, singlemode, or both fiber types.  These fiber optic test kits can measure modes for optical power and optic loss.  Some come with USB interfaces for continuous logging, report printing, or data downloading.  Our optical tim-domain reflectometers (OTDRs) are designed to find how far or at what distance into your fiber optic cable a break may be.  This is used in conjunction with a fiber optic launch cable.  A laser it shot at the same time through both your existing fiber optic cable and launch cable once the light hits the break in your cable it compares the time it took for the light to travel through both.  Your OTDR will then provide a measurement of where the break in your fiber is.  We also offer individual laser or light sources, fiber optic power meters, fiber optic talk sets, fiber optic fault locators, fiber optic length testers, and fiber optic inspection microscopes.  Our fiber optic microscopes allow you to visually inspect the end faces of fiber optic connectors and check for dirt, dust, debris, and other sources of contamination.  This is often the cause of of optic loss.  We sell all necessary fiber optic cleaning products to clean your fiber optic connectors.  

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Fiber Optic Testing

After the cables are installed and terminated, it's time for testing. For every fiber optic cable plant, you will need to test for continuity, end-to-end loss and then troubleshoot the problems. If it's a long outside plant cable with intermediate splices, you will probably want to verify the individual splices with an OTDR also, since that's the only way to make sure that each one is good. If you are the network user, you will also be interested in testing power, as power is the measurement that tells you whether the system is operating properly.

You'll need a few special tools and instruments to test fiber optics. See Jargon in the beginning of Lennie's Guide to see a description of each instrument.

Getting Started

Even if you're an experienced installer, make sure you remember these things.

1. Have the right tools and test equipment for the job. You will need:

1. Source and power meter, optical loss test s