"Fiber Whips" 2 Strand Pre-Terminated Assembly

2 Strand Indoor Plenum Rated Multimode OM1 62.5/125 Custom Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable Assembly with Corning® Glass - Made in the USA by QuickTreX®
Made in the USA TAA compliant   PRO-769-M-DP-2

  • Includes Corning Glass & Plenum Rated (CMP) Jacket
  • Includes 2 x LC, SC, ST, or FC Connectors
  • Optional Discounted Unterminated End
  • Length Options of 10 to 5000 Ft
  • Optional Pulling Eyes on One or Both Ends
  • Full Test Report Included
  • Excellent Plug-and-Play Solution
  • Save Time Terminating in the Field
  • Made in the USA! 


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