Mil-Tac Tactical Fiber Optic Assemblies

Our tactical fiber optic assemblies include a super strong protect sleeves on both ends.  These sleeves are made of abrasion and UV resistant tech flex and easily fold back on itself exposing the connectors for use.  The protective sleeves are secured to the cable jacket using heat shrink tubing glue set, and high quality adhesive.  These assemblies include 3 millimeter polyurethane with Kevlar sequentially labeled furcation tubing.  The buffer tubes are fastened to the outer jacket using epoxy filled breakouts.  These transitions are constructed from high temp skeletal frame and mil-spec covering with an assembled durometer hardness of D of D90.  The connectors are premium commercial grade, water resistant, and include superior strain relief.  Protective caps are placed on all connectors to prevent contamination while not in use.  A super ruggedized galvanized steel Hubble cable bale is placed on the front end of your assembly for a secure grip and smooth deployment of your assembly.

These assemblies are fully tested using premium test equipment so you can be assured not only is your assembly built to last but it's also built to perform to the highest standards.  The test results are placed on the inside of the door or printed if no reel, or a reel with no door is chosen.  Also included with the test results is the SKU number and and individualized serial number.  Both ends of your assembly will include a waterproof label with the part number and serial number for easy identification and traceability.  

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Our deployable military tactical cable assembly has terminated tactical fiber optic cable, making your next job that much easier.

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