Ultra Thin Indoor/Outdoor Armored Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies

Our Indoor/Outdoor Ultra Thin Armored Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assemblies utilize Micro Armor Fiber™. A revolutionary designed fiber optic cable that provides a perfect solution for your fiber optic installs and usage.  Instead of a traditional interlocking armor, it utilizes a stainless steel coil technology.  This allows for the cable to remain extremely flexible while also being crush and rodent resistant.  Micro Armor Fiber™ features the smallest outer diameter compared to conventional armored fiber optic cable in size and flexibility.  Its light weight and great flexibility makes pulling and installation faster and easier.  These assemblies are typically up to 65 percent smaller in diameter and 75 percent lighter than the traditional aluminum interlocking armor cable.  These assemblies provide a perfect combination of strong armor and maximum bend radius.  Choosing an armored jacket helps save time and money in indoor and outdoor applications where conduit is necessary, or in industrial environments which require extra protection. Although this option is priced higher than standard indoor distribution cable, it outweighs its overall price when compared the cost of purchasing innerduct/conduit, indoor fiber, and installation for both.  This fiber is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so there is no 50 foot fire code requirement traditionally found with outdoor (OSP) cable. This indoor/outdoor armored cable has a water blocking aramid yarn strength member surrounding the fiber optic strands and a UV resistant outer jacket making it a very versatile and perfect choice for a large variety of installations. 

Our pre-terminated fiber optic assemblies are perfect for headend termination to a fiber backbone, termination of fiber rack systems, multi-floor deployment where select fibers are used at each floor, or intra-building backbones. Our indoor/outdoor plenum rated jacket assemblies are rated for all indoor installations, including plenum rated spaces. A cable rated for plenum installation will have low-smoke characteristics as defined by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency).  

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