SFP, QSFP, and GBIC Modules / Transceivers

Our small form-factor pluggable (SFP) fiber optic transceivers come in an array of options supporting Gigabit Ethernet transmission over either multimode or singlemode fiber cable at short and long distances.  All of our SFP modules / transceivers are all hot pluggable and can work with any switch as long it does not require a proprietary SFP module.  They adhere to the IEEE standards for Gigabit Ethernet fiber connectivity, and are cost-effective methods of providing changeable Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic interfaces to switches and media converters equipped with a standard SFP port.  To go along with our Industrial Network Switches we have Industrial SFP modules that can also with strand a wide range of temperatures.  Our SFP modules also include WDM single fiber modules that work with a single strand of singlmode fiber.  They use a bi-directional signal.  These modules work by transmitting and receiving at two different light wavelengths. 

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SFP Modules / Transceivers are designed to be inserted into a Network Switch equipped with SFP ports or slots.  You then plug your fiber optic cable assembly into them to extend it to another location.  The SFP modular or media converter at the opposite end then converts the fiber optic signal back to a copper signal.   SFP modules typically take 2 simplex (1 Duplex) LC connectors and they must match the fiber type being ran.  For example, if you have singlemode fiber ran you must utilize a singlemode SFP module since the laser and photoreciever built into them are designed to run at specific wavelenghts that specific glass is built for. 

Our multimode SFP modules include both short range ang long range.  We have multimode SFP modules that word at distances from 550 meters to 2 kilomters.  We have both 1 Giabit modules and SFP+ which are rated for 10 Gigabit speeds.   We also have long and short range singlemode SFP modules that can work from 10 kilometers all the way up to 180 kilometers.  These singlemode SFP modules are available in bot