Cat 6 Stock Ethernet Patch Cables


At LANshack, we sell more varieties of patch cables than any one. Patch cables are available in Premium Custom and in stock varieties.

Cat 6

-           Faster and more expensive than Cat 5e, limited in distance

-           Supports data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps at 250 MHz

-           Improved insulation for less crosstalk interference

-           Qualified to handle the fast pace of Gigabit Ethernet networks

In Stock Patch Cables

Our line of stock patch cables are ready to ship same day, are offered in most color options, and all standard lengths. These cables are great quality and provide solid performance. They cater perfectly to those who need to finely balance budget and performance.

Booted vs. Non-Booted

Traditionally, booted cables were bulky and hard to manage verses the non-booted variety. However all of our custom booted cables have flush fitting boots with easy release tabs thereby eliminating all of the drawbacks of booted cables. Therefore we highly recommend booted cables for the extra strain relief they provide at the connector.

Why Use Shielded Cabling

Shielded cabling wards off unwanted signals or other noise. Keeping interference out will in theory make your data run faster. If your cabling is unshielded, you may still benefit from shielded patch cables (at the patch panel) since much of the noise can come from an adjacent patch cable.