Test Equipment

PRO-basic LAN Cable Tester

Uses an LED display to show the condition of patch cables and installed cabling. Tests for opens, shorts, and reversed pairs. Great for homeowners, hobbyists, etc.



LANTEST-PRO-II Cable Tester with 8 Remotes

One of the very best Cat 5 and Cat 6 LAN cable testers that on the market today. Easy to read LCD graphical display shows continuity, opens, shorts, pin mismatches and Cable Length. Shows exact cable pinout for faster and more accurate diagnoses. Comes complete with 8 Remote Units



CableTracker Network ID Toner & Probe - KIT

Designed for network managers and technicians. Activates link lights to identify a connected hub or switch port. Transmits four audible tones. RJ-45 male or female connection. Detachable DMM alligator clips. Detects short or open circuits.



140 Tone Generator

If you are looking for a quality professional tone generator that will last then look no further. AINES tone generators and probes are the top choice of RBOC's (telephone companies) around the nation.



RJ-45 Modular Adapter

A necessary component of a technician's toolkit since modular jacks were first invented. These devises are indispensable in troubleshooting and accessing modular terminals with tone generators and butt-sets which utilize alligator clips.



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