Test Equipment

In this category you will find our Network or LAN (Local Area  Network) Equipment which includes the following: LANTEST Pro Cable Tester with 8 Remotes, PRO Basic LAN Cable Tester, Mobile App Network Tester with 6 Remotes, Network ID Toner and Probe Kits, Tone Generators, and RJ45 Modular Adapters.  Network LAN testers are designed to test the continuity and grounding of your Ethernet connections.  It also checks to make sure your conductors are aligned properly in a 568B or 568A sequence.  You plug one end of your cable run into the tester and the other end into the remote that is included and then press test.  We offer testers with multiple remotes so you can test multiple locations at one time.  Network ID Toner and Probes allow you to trace Ethernet cable runs and identify and isolate individual Ethernet ports on a patch panel and what office or location they go to.  You place the tone generator on one end of your cable run and then take the probe to the opposite location.  The probe will make a sound when it's in or very close the the port wanting to be traced.

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2-In-One Multifunction Fiber Optic Power Meter and LAN Cable Tester



3-In-One Multifunction Fiber Optic Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator, and LAN Cable Tester