Outdoor (OSP) Loose Tube Pre-Terminated Assembly

Our Corning Altos® Outdoor (OSP) Loose Tube Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies are rated for almost all outdoor applications. This cable is suitable for underground installation inside conduit and pathways that are subjected to wide temperature variations, overhead lashed to a guy wire, or secured to a building or other permanent outdoor structure.  It's a tip choice for "Fiber to the Antenna" installations due to its rugged all dielectric design.  Our outdoor (OSP) pre-terminated fiber optic assemblies are perfect for headend termination to a fiber backbone and intra-building backbones.  If installing in conduit we recommend using at least a 2" diameter conduit to accommodate for the assembly breakout.  

Note: Polyethylene (PE) OSP cable is restricted to a 50 feet run indoors due to fire-code restrictions. 

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