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If you are a network administrator, low-voltage electrician, or any low-voltage cable installer and are looking for a premium toolkit with premium tools then you must check out our QuickTreX toolkits. Our toolkits consist of the best tools you'll find on the market and include everything you could ever need for your Ethernet and low voltage cable installation. We offer different sizes and designs to fit your cabling needs. Our kits are assembled in the USA with the highest quality control. Our toolkits includes include a vareity of the following tools: Professional RJ-45 Modular Crimping Tool, All-In-One Large Outer Diameter RJ45 Modular Crimping Tool (for Crimping Cat 6A, Cat7A, and Cat 8 Modular Plugs), Hex Crimper for RG-6 and Our Shielded Modular Plugs, 4 Pair EZ Termination Crimping Tool, UTP/STP Ethernet Cable Stripper & Cutter for Cat 5, 6, 7, and 8 Cable, EZ UTP STP Cable Stripper, Wire and Kevlar Scissors, Ethernet and Coaxial Cutting Tool. Our Our Network or LAN (Local Area  Network) Testers includes the following: LANTEST Pro Cable Tester with 8 Remotes, PRO Basic LAN Cable Tester, Mobile App Network Tester with 6 Remotes, Network ID Toner and Probe Kits, Tone Generators, and RJ45 Modular Adapters.  We also include a variety of standard hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, long nose pliers, groove joint pliers, diagnal pliers, linesman pliers, adjustable wrenches, topredo levels, wallboard saws, scratch awls, and more.  In this category you'll also find our on-and-only QuickTreX tool cases.  They are super heavy duty, designed to last, and include extensive tool pallets to organize your Datacom tools.

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If you are a cable installer or IT technician, then you know how important it is to have on hand all the necessary tools to install modular plugs, terminate RJ45 keystone jacks, and maintain Ethernet or local area networks (LAN).  Also just as important is the quality and reliability of your the tools you have with you.  Our signature QuickTreX tools and toolkits offer you are professional grade and built to last.  They provide the precision needed for your critical network installation.  

Our Datacom and IT Technician Toolkits include a variety or mix of the tools below: 

RJ45 Modular Crimping Tool: 

Designed to crimp male connectors onto Ethernet cable.  Modular plugs are designed to fit into any LAN or Ethernet port commonly found on patch panels, network switches, routers, and computers.  RJ45 Modular crimper works by inserting the modular plug your crimping into the loading tray and pressing down on the handles.  It's that easy.  Our RJ45 Modular crimpers, crimps RJ45 modular plugs in perfect and even parallel action with precise ratcheting mechanism.  

Impact Termination Tool: 

For punching down Ethernet conductors into the contacts found on RJ45 Keystone jacks.  This done by placing your conductor into the contract pins on a keystone jack and then pushing down on the conductor till it clicks into place.  Our QuickTreX Professional Impact Termination tool also cuts the excess of the conductor off when punching down with a 1 sided blade.  

Ethernet Cable Stripper:

Designed to strip back the cable jacket on Ethernet cable to access the 8 copper conductors.  These cable strippers are designed to only cut the jacket and not cut or damage the conductors themselves.  We offer several different cable strippers to fit your custom installations.  

Ethernet Cable Cutters and Scissors:

For creating a clean cut of your Ethernet Cable to prep for termination of keystone jacks or modular plugs.  Our Professional Wire Scissors provide a straight precise cut of your Ethernet conductors.  This is important and promotes a smooth installation of your Ethernet cable connectors.  

Network LAN Cable Tester: 

These testers are designed to test the continuity and grounding of your Ethernet connections.  It also checks to make sure your conductors are aligned properly in a 568B or 568A sequence.  You plug one end of your cable run into the tester and the other end into the remote that is included and then press test.  We offer testers with multiple remotes so you can test multiple locations at one time.  

Network ID Toner and Probe: 

Allows you to trace Ethernet cable runs and identify and isolate individual Ethernet ports on a patch panel and what office or location they go to.  You place the tone generator on one end of your cable run and then take the probe to the opposite location.  The probe will make a sound when it's in or very close the the port wanting to be traced.  

Hex Crimpoer:

For crimping Coaxial hex plugs or the shielding clamp on shielded modular plugs by loading the hex plug or modular plug into the crimping tray and pressing down on the handles.  

Compression Connector Crimper: 

Designed to provide a precise crimp of coaxial compression connectors by loading the coaxial connector onto the tray and pressing down on the handles.  

Pull String or Rope: 

For pulling cable through conduit, floors, and attics.  We also have cable pulling lubricant to made your cable pull and installation smoother. 

Cabling Pulling Lubricant: 

Designed to be put into conduit or directly onto the cable being pulled.  This lubrication prevents friction and your cable from getting stuck inside of a conduit.  

Cable Fish Tape: 

Steep tape that is designed to be deployed into a wall, conduit, or other location where it's hard to route cable.  Your cable is attached to the end of it and then it's pulled out of the conduit or location it's being pulled through.  

We also include a variety of standard hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, long nose pliers, groove joint pliers, diagonal pliers, linesman pliers, adjustable wrenches, torpedo levels, wallboard saws, scratch awls, and more.  

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