Outdoor Armored Direct Burial (OSP-DB) Pre-Terminated Assembly

Our Corning Altos® Outdoor Armored Direct Burial (OSPDB) Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies are rated for almost all outdoor applications.  These assemblies are the most durable and rugged assemblies we offer for permanent installation.  They are designed for installation directly buried in trenches and underground installation where rodent chew damage is a concern, overhead lashed to a guy wire, or secured to a building or other permanent outdoor structure.  This jacket design also offers superior crush resistance.  Our outdoor armored pre-terminated fiber optic assemblies are perfect for campus backbones, headend termination to a fiber backbone, and intra-building backbones.  They are also designed for a variety of voice, data, video, and image applications.  If installing in conduit we recommend using at least a 3" diameter conduit to accommodate for the assembly breakout.  

Choosing a direct burial rated jacket helps save time and money in outdoor applications where conduit is necessary, or in industrial environments which require extra protection. Although this option is priced higher than standard indoor/outdoor distribution cable that needs to be ran inside conduit, it outweighs its overall price when compared the cost of purchasing conduit and then the labor involved having to pull the cable through it.  This outdoor (OSPDB) armored cable has a heavy duty polyethylene (PE) UV and water proof jacket, corrugated steel tubing, and water blocking swellable tape surrounding the fiber optic strands.

Note: Polyethylene (PE) OSP cable is restricted to a 50 feet run indoors due to fire-code restrictions. 

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Outdoor Armored Direct Burial Rated (OSP-DB) Pre-Terminated Assemblies are the perfect solution for underground installation.  These direct burial fiber optic cable assemblies can be burie