Cable Installation

In this category we have pull rope and string for pulling cable through conduit, floors, and attics.  We have 1200 Ft rolls of 1/4" rope and 6500 Ft buckets of pull string.  Both are essential to have on hand when pulling cable on a regular basis.  Both our pull rope and string can be left in the conduit for removal or future cable pulls.  We also have cable pulling lubricant to made your cable pull and installation smoother.  We offer our cable pulling lubricant in both gallon buckets or 1 quart squeeze bottles.  Also in this category you'll find steel fish tapes for pulling and routing your cable through walls, conduits, and other similar locations. We offer these in 50 Ft x 1/8" and 120 Ft x 1/8" 

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Polypropylene Pull Rope - 1200 feet x 1/4 inch

This 1/4" x 1200' polypro general purpose rope is a great bargain. Average tensile strength is 1130 lbs!

It's pefect for pullying electrical, fiber optic, and other cable assemblies through conduit.


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