Datacom Installation Tools and Testers

At you can on-stop-shop for all necessary tools and accessories needed for your Ethernet cable installation.  Our signature QuickTreX tools are premium quality and TAA compliant.  These tools include the following: Professional RJ-45 Modular Crimping Tool, All-In-One Large Outer Diameter RJ45 Modular Crimping Tool (for Crimping Cat 6A, Cat7A, and Cat 8 Modular Plugs), Hex Crimper for RG-6 and Our Shielded Modular Plugs, 4 Pair EZ Termination Crimping Tool, UTP/STP Ethernet Cable Stripper & Cutter for Cat 5, 6, 7, and 8 Cable, EZ UTP STP Cable Stripper, Wire and Kevlar Scissors, Ethernet and Coaxial Cutting Tool, Easy Ethernet Cable Conductor Separator and Straightener.  We also have economy RJ45 Modular Crimpers, 110 Termination Tool,  and more!   Our Network or LAN (Local Area  Network) Equipment includes the following: LANTEST Pro Cable Tester with 8 Remotes, PRO Basic LAN Cable Tester, Mobile App Network Tester with 6 Remotes, Network ID Toner and Probe Kits, Tone Generators, and RJ45 Modular Adapters.  In our Cable Installation category we have pull rope and string for pulling cable through conduit, floors, and attics.  We also have cable pulling lubricant to made your cable pull and installation smoother.  We also offer steel fish tapes for pulling and routing your cable through walls, conduits, and other similar locations.   

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Choosing high quality connectors for your network install is a critical decision when trying to provide a high performance and future proof network. At LANshack we pride ourselves on providing premium Datacom products for critical cabling installations.  We offer Premium RJ45 Keystone Jacks, RJ45 Keystone and Panel Mount Couplers, RJ45 Modular Plugs, RJ45 Strain Relief Boots, Keystone and Panel Mount Wall Plates, Surface Mount Boxes, Network Splitters, Voice Splitters, and more!  

RJ45 Keystone Jacks:

The RJ45 jack is an 8-conducto