Rip-Tie Lite Hook & Loop & Wrap Strap Cable Ties


If you've ever tangled with tape, or hassled with nylon ties trying to tame cable nightmares, you'll be surprised at the simplicity and strength of these patented, industry-tested cable organizers. Rip-Tie products are designed for maximum speed, flexibility and safety, letting you easily insert, remove or rearrange cables as you need without damage. Over the last ten years Rip-TieCableWraps have become the industrial standard.

  • Will never degrade performance of sensitive data cables like vinyl ties often do.
  • Can be re-used several times. Allows for easy additions and changes.
  • A Fire Retardant Plenum Version is available.
  • Available in 10 colors! Pre-cut, or bulk roll.
  • These Hook and Loop cable ties are ideal for wrapping and supporting cables as they are able to stick to themselves by incorporating the "hooks" on one side and the "loops" on the other side of the product.

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