LANshack's Top Clients
PUBLISHED: by Andrea Damiano

Sectors We Serve 

Here at LANshack, we have been serving high-profile clients for more than two decades, delivering bleeding-edge networking products and services capable of supporting digital operational workflows of all sizes. However, it all really started back in 1991 with the creation of Atcom Services Incorporated, LANshack's parent company. The business ascended to the top of the emergent networking industry at an accelerated pace, developing and deploying scalable cabling techniques that would form the basis for enterprise connectivity best practices.

Within three years, the organization boasted an impressive client list featuring multiple Fortune 500 firms. In 1994, Atcom launched its manufacturing and distribution division. And, one year later, it debuted, the networking sector's first e-commerce portal.

Assisting clients of all kinds

In the years since, LANshack has grown into an industry-leading source for networking infrastructure and implementation services. Today, we maintain strong relationships with clients across numerous industries. For instance, our pre-terminated fiber optic assemblies form the basis for mission-critical networking infrastructures used by aerospace leaders such as Boeing, NASA and SpaceX. Defense sector stalwarts such as Harris, Lockheed Martin, the Northrop Group and Peraton use our products and services as well, leveraging everything from copper cabling to media converters to facilitate the development of innovative products for first responders, police officers and military personnel.

Virtually all branches of the federal government collaborate with LANshack, including the Department of Defense, and we also serve the U.S. Air Force and Navy. In addition to organizations in the aerospace and defense spaces, LANshack works with higher education clients such as the California Institute of Technology, the Carnegie Institution for Science, Pennsylvania State University and Princeton University.

Recently, we moved into the amateur, collegiate and professional sports arenas. LANshack supported the 88th Major League Baseball All-Star Game hosted at Marlins Park in Miami in July 2017. Here, our teams deployed tactical fiber cabling to facilitate on-the-ground and broadcast communications. We replicated this event-based tactical fiber setup for the 2017 Little League Regional World Series and the 2017 Big Ten Conference Soccer Tournament. LANshack also deploys tactical fiber for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League during its annual summer training camp.

Looking toward the future

These partnerships have allowed us to perfect our products and services, and, more importantly, explore new networking methods. It is this forward-looking operational methodology that separates us from competitors and enables us to maintain our status as an industry innovator.

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