LANshack Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for your help with this. I appreciate the ease of doing business with you and all of the informational videos and articles that you provide on your website. You have gained a return customer for all my future fiber needs.  

Adam M. 

I couldn’t be happier with the product and with LANshack. We were in need of fiber spools for the All Star Game and you came through for us in a rush. Even with a national holiday in the middle, you built and shipped the product to us without hesitation. Thank you for your understanding of the situation we were in and making this happen for us just in time.
Well done!

David E.

Miami Marlins All Star Game

 Thank you for the excellent service.   We are testing the Launch Abort Engines for the new Boeing manned spacecraft and your excellent service has allowed us to replace a damaged fiber optic cable that was bringing vital data back from the test stand to the blockhouse.  Your help with the cable you sent has allowed us keep to a very tight testing schedule.  It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is as responsive as you have been.  Thanks so much again.

Dave C

Polaris, Inc., Propulsion Development & Test

This is our company's first deployment of fiber optic cable. To make myself more familiar with the "best practices" and "does and don'ts" of pulling fiber I checked out your tutorials and training videos. I just wanted to give a big thank you to and you Tony. The videos and tutorials were very informative and thorough. I learned a great deal from them and hope to have a successful pull myself.

Martin S.

IT/Communications Technician, PASCO scientific

I recently had the chance to view many of your LANshack installation and usage videos. I have been around the IT world for many years, and I have never seen such excellent efforts to help the customer out in using your products. Your videos are very well made, and they are very understandable. I can see how they really help folks out if they were starting out. And the information/content is first rate. They even taught me (a veteran of IT) to look at new ideas on how make my job simpler and faster too. The video on Pre-lubricating a Conduit was the first video I watched and really learned some great ideas. Cannot tell how many times I wish I had done that prior to a pull of any cabling!!

Duane S.

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

Your pre-terminated fiber whips were the best solution for upgrading our network at our church. It has been almost two years and we've had no problems with the equipment.

Michael P.

Chicago, IL

Makes it easy to find and order my next job. Thanks.

Chris S.

President, Sirois Electric, Inc.

I hope to see more than 15 years, because they helped me and my business have a great LAN in times when CAT6 wasn't available in my area. Having all of the newest products and tutorials from you to help us solve real problems is a plus that is hard to beat. Thanks LANshack for your products.

Marco S.

Mission, TX

Looking forward to more great solutions from LANshack!

Lee M.


Outstanding service!

Christopher O.


LAN Shack - Just wanted to let you guys know that as part of my Networking Course at college in Salisbury, NC, I watched your video about fiber optic cable and wanted you to know that they are so short and to the point and so well done that I watched 5 more! I hope to finish my Networking degree this summer and will be back when it's time to buy tools! Thanks again for the great videos!

Bill E.

Salisbury, NC

At this point, NY State is in a frozen state of affairs financially and nothing will be done until September 2013 at the earliest, but if any need arises I will call upon LANSHACK First! rest assured about that. I've recommended LANSHACK to all of my IT students and always refer all IT students to the LANSHACK tutorials on the website especially the RJ-45 and fiber cable ones as those questions always come up in class and I print out the RJ45 wiring schematic as a handout for the A+ training so the LANSHACK name is well known to students of SPD at Stony Brook. Keep in mind with the economy these days some students are IT professionals that are now upgrading their certifications and are getting into physically working on the servers and PC's themselves as employee budgets are shrinking and they have fewer assistants as in the past.

Several years back I purchased a bunch of bulk cable, wall jacks, RJ-45 connectors, tools and accessories when I completely rewired our 5 labs. The quality of the products and LANSHACK service was excellent and with the exception of replacing an RJ45 connector here and there, everything is still in service, all is still performing 100% under hacking and tinkering IT students and that speaks volumes.

Harry W.

Stony Brook University