Custom Order Information

What Happens After I Place my Custom Order?

LANshack has been proudly manufacturing custom copper and fiber optic assemblies in
the USA for over 25 years. It is with that industry experience and strict quality control
guidelines that set us apart as a premium supplier.

Here is what to expect when you work
with LANshack on a custom order


Coming soon

Check the product page for the current estimated arrival date.

You can enter in your zip code, and our system will give you an estimated date on when you will receive your order.

Production space and inventory levels vary minute by minute, so this system should be used as an estimating tool.

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your order

When you place your order, a member of our team will process it and send it off to one of Production Departments in the USA.



  • The date in which your order will ship.
  • Where you order will be shipping from.
  • The shipping method chosen on your order.

This email is the most accurate method of when you expect to receive your order and will help you with preparing your install date. If anything changes, we will send out a second notification informing you.

If you have any issues with the ship date you receive, we are here to help!

Give us a call at 888-568-1230 or email [email protected] so we can discuss different shipment methods, or partials shipments if needed.

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& testing

Once your order goes into production, it is manufactured by American workers to your exact specifications following strict quality control guidelines.

All custom products are individually tested and come with test results.


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