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Fiber Patch Cable Builder Tool

Jacket Types

Indoor - Custom USA Made (Plenum)
Indoor - Custom USA Made (Plenum)

Our custom indoor fiber optic patch patch cables include a 2mm plenum (OFNP) jacket, Corning® Glass, and are made in the USA by highly trained technicians. They are perfect for critical networks. Since these cables are custom made to order we can manufacture them in any length from 6 inches to 30 meters and in the following colors: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple Grey, Black, White, Brown, and Pink. We can also manufacture with any connector type (LC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ) and polish option (PC, UPC, and APC). The test results for each patch cable will include the part number, the serial number, and the connector type for each end, the glass size, the cable length, the strand #, the test result, and the cable tester’s initials. The test result will be printed on a self-adhesive label and fastened to the outside of the bag. Each cable will include a label around the jacket for identification purposes. The label text includes the QuickTreX cable part#, a serialized number, and is placed 4” behind the boot.