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Pre -Terminated Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Now you can install your own fiber optic cables without investing in training and equipment. Custom Factory terminated, pre-tested and ready to pull. Made to lengths of up to 5000 feet. Available in Multimode 62.5/125, 50/125, 50/125 10 GIG, and Singlemode in 4, 6, 12, and 24 strand counts. Choices include Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, and Outdoor. All of our fiber optic assemblies are made in the USA!
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Indoor (Plenum) Pre-Terminated Assembly
Indoor/Outdoor Pre-Terminated Assembly
The QuickTreX Indoor/Outdoor Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Assmblies are perfect for connecting the networks of two buildings through the use of an underground conduit. This fiber is suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use, so there is no 50 foot fire code requriment traditionally found with Outdoor cable. The Indoor/Outdoor cable has a water blocking aramid yarn strength member surrounding the fiber optic strands to protect from sititations where light water infiltration may exist like in an under ground conduit or also in an Indoor situation where the asssemly may be exposed to a damp or moist enviorment.
Pre-Terminated Interlock Armor Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Plug and Play Pre-Terminated Interlocking Armored Assemblies. When choosing an Interlocking Armored cable, you are adding an extra level of protection and security to your fiber. Potential damage to your cable during installation or after can result in downtime to your network, and can be avoided by using an Interlocking Armored cable. The Interlocking Armored Assemblies are standard fiber cables inside a spirally wrapped aluminum interlocking armor. All our assemblies are custom made in the USA with Corning fiber at the time of the order, and come with full test results.
Outdoor Pre-Terminated Assembly
Outdoor Aerial Pre-Terminated Assembly
This QuickTreX Outdoor Aerial Assembly with messenger is perfect for outdoor aerial installations along utility poles without the need for cable lashing. It comes in a figure 8 configuration, consisting of the messenger, the webbing, and the fiber optic cable. There are several advantages of the figure 8 messenger configuration, mainly that is reduces cost by eliminating the need to purchase a separate messenger wire and lashing wire. With this method, there is only one installation job, which also reduces labor costs. All of our assemblies are custom made in the USA with Corning fiber at the time of the order, and come with full test results.