Armored Fiber Optic Patch cables

   Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cables


Our Armored Patch Cables will allow you to protect your critical and essential fiber optic network with a crush-resistant and rodent-resistant jacket.  These cables inlcude a fully stainless steel armor straight to the connector.  They are a perfect solution for installs that require extra protection.  The jacket contains a steel armor and an aramid yarn strength member, all while maintaining great flexibility. This allows for the cable to remain extremely flexible while also being crush and rodent resistant.  They come available in OM1, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode and we can provide any standard fiber optic connector type such as LC, SC, ST and FC.  





QuickTreX fiber optic patch cables are always made to order and manufactured in the USA by skilled technicians.  They are constructed with the highest quality components utilizing High Grade Connectors with ceramic ferrules for increased durability and accuracy. These fiber optic patch cables feature OFNP Plenum Rated jackets (at no extra cost) which make them useful in more environments than regular OFNR cables.

QuickTreX® fiber optic cables are fully tested to guarantee top performance. Our strict testing standards mandate a maximum allowable insertion loss if 0.02 dB (or less). Each connector is visually inspected with a 400x microscope for any surface or interior cracks, scratches, contaminants, or other imperfections which can pick up defects that insertion loss testing alone may miss. Each assembly is serialized for easy identification and test results are included with every cable.  

QuickTreX Build Specifications: 

     • Each cable is custom made in the USA by Skilled Technicians (no assembly lines).
     • Insertion loss testing is performed on every assembly. Our strict standards mandate a maximum allowable loss if 0.02 dB (or less). 
     • Each connector is visually inspected with a 400x microscope for any surface or interior cracks, scratches, contaminants or other imperfections.
     • All cables are serialized and test results are recorded.
     • Guaranteed performance specifications
     • OFNP Rated for Plenum or Riser use